Creating distribution system

Our company carries out the full range of work in organizing the food supplies to retail chains and distribution companies.

We know how to organize a system of food sales of more than 200,000 tons per year.

If your company is planning to supply its products to the Russian market we will be able to organize all the necessary service such as :

  • customs clearance;
  • Сertification;
  • getting the necessary permissions;
  • adaptation of the product and its packaging with the conformance to the requirements to the Russian market;
  • selection of storage and transport infrastructure;
  • selection of the most prospective clients;
  • making contracts with clients.

Working with us you will get the following benefits:

  • Fast results;
  • Your project will be handled by experts who have many years ‘ experience in the food supply all over Russia;
  • We appreciate the potential of the project in advance:
    • sales Regions;
    • possible sales volume;
    • the competitive environment;
    • actual selling prices;
    • cost of service of sales channels (cost structure beginning from personnel costs and logistics and ending with the cost of necessary advertising programs);
    • terms and Conditions of work with specific clients.
  • We work with both open and confidential sources of information, that’s why our information provides the reliability and relevance;
  • We can organize the direct supplies of our clients` products to the address of retail chains ( in this case the retail chain will be the importer itself).

The program of our work can be divided into three main steps:

  1. Audit of the current situation of your product category. At this step, we collect all the necessary information to start working (sales potential, the real costs of supply and commercial conditions, special requirements for products, etc.). At this stage, in fact we prepare the conditions for commercial offers to clients.
  2. Formation of the necessary sales model. Here, based on your requests, we work on customs clearance of products, selection of warehouses, order adapted packaging, etc. In other words, do everything you need that the supply to customers will be clearly and without breaks, and product will meet to the Russian requirements.
  3. Sales management. In this case we act as the official representative of your company and act on the basis of an agency contract. At this step, we make contracts with customers and, if necessary, control them (take orders; determine the conditions of delivery, etc.).