Marketing reasearch

For foreign companies we provide specialized marketing research. It includes all the information needed to begin work with the Russian market:

  • Evaluation of key macroeconomic indicators for the selected product category / service;
  • Information on the state regulation;
  • Assessment of the capacity of the market in the country itself and in different regions and sales channels;
  • The analysis of price for the product category / service;
  • Analysis of the competitive environment;
  • Analysis of the prospects for the development of product category / services;
  • Analysis of the perception of the product / service end customers.

The benefits of our research:

  • We work with both open and confidential sources of information; therefore, our information provides the reliability and relevance;
  • Research carried out in those regions and sales channels, which are necessary to your company;
  • Considerable savings of financial and time resources to obtain the necessary information;
  • The audit is conducted with the participation of professionals in those areas that are essential to your company;
  • Received information can be directly used in the current work in the Russian market.