We’ll be useful
if you need to:

  • Conduct a marketing research of any segment of the agri-food market
  • Develop a programme for the development and support of agricultural sectors
  • Conduct a comprehensive analysis of agribusiness
  • Improve the overall efficiency of the agricultural enterprise
  • Organize work with retail chains and/or large distributors
  • Launch products on to international markets
  • Agriconsulting services

Directions of agriconsulting

Feed production

Poultry farming

Cattle breeding (cows, sheep, goats)

Hog farming

Greenhouse farm

Exports of agriproducts

Dairy production

Crop production

Полное проектное сопровождение

Solutions for agricultural enterprises and investors

Technology assessment of agricultural enterprises

For the benefit of investors and banks, we conduct a complex audit of agribusinesses, from technological equipment to commercial and marketing activities

Preparation of documentation to attract financing

To attract external financing, we can prepare a complete set of documents that meets the requirements of leading Russian banks

M&A Transaction Support

Assistance in implementing M&A transactions in agri- and food industries. Valuation of both individual enterprises and holding companies

Improving the production efficiency of agricultural enterprises

Conducting a complex audit of agribusiness and developing a correcting measures programme

Conducting marketing research

Assessment of specificity, cost, time, and potential of work with different sales channels. The information is relevant both new projects and operating companies

Development of marketing strategies

Conducting specialized marketing research. The results are used both in the current work of companies and in project documentation

Services for government agencies

Consultancy support in the field of agriculture, research, development of strategies, concepts and quality standards for regional brands

Support for agribusiness export projects

Conducting market research of foreign markets, import requirements and regulations and development of assortment and trademarks

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